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"A strong performer can empty herself and allow a concept to flow through her, as if her body is an instrument to the divine, she can become selfless in her movement, selfless in her expression. 

Her dance becomes a service to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of her receivers, she is a pioneer of freedom"

-By Anna-Maria, Eclectica founder.

MODULES  covered in this course

Ritual Theatre & Performance Art

Storytelling through Dance

Embodiment through Animal Archetypes

Extensive dance training and conceptual choreography

Pleasure through Performance 

Costume artistry

Dance, performance and expression as a healing modality​

Animal Medicine is a 6 day intensive training with Eclectica Performance Art.

 It is a fully immersive experience into the transformative realms of dance, embodiment and expression. 

 This experience is a gateway into Eclectica's philosophy, ethos and culture, guiding participants into the magic and medicine of dance and performance art.


This course offers extensive training that explores both the practical and spiritual elements of performance, dance and expression. Through this experience, you will gain the tools and practices to deepen your expression and empower your inner creatrix.


This experience unlocks and explores your creative potential, journeying through many different avenues of self development and creative expansion, including;

Ceremony, Sacred dance practices, creative costuming, ritual theatre, embodiment, and performance art.


Unlock the Sacred Dancer is an incredible opportunity to co-create with other like-minded women, planting the seeds for strong sisterhood bonds.


"I’m so grateful to Eclectica performance for creating a space for me to go deeper within myself. It’s been a transformative experience; one I am witnessing change within myself every day forward. Thankyou"

"I’ve just completed Eclectica's ‘Unlock the Sacred Dancer’ course last night and WOW! The depth, creativity, magic + ritual in this journey that Eclectica has developed is transformational for any womxn ready to step into their power.⁣"

The creative process will explore expression through animal archetypes, Each participant will journey with an animal totem throughout the duration of the course, the intention behind this is for participants to embody the strengths and lessons of that particular animal. Furthermore, working with animal archetypes allows us to strip ourselves of conditioned layers, connecting us to our primal nature, our inherent wisdom and our instinct.

Eclectica's creative roots are anchored deeply within the foundations of -

Sisterhood/ Ritual / Embodied Expression / Intention

Participants will receive transmissions in all these areas.

Unlock the Sacred Dancer guides women into a space of self celebration, exploring dance and performance art as a powerful healing modality., discovering its power from a space of storytelling and clear intention.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants will co-create a powerful group performance that is based around Animal Archetypes and raw feminine power. This performance will be performed in a powerful witnessing ceremony. 

Each participant will invite one loved one to come and witness.

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