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Eclectica Performance Art are a multi-talented performance troupe based in Melbourne, who specialises in entertainment that is meaningful and honours the sacred.

They offer dynamic expression through a diverse fusion of dance genres and theatrical displays, showing up with high-quality performance services to awe and captivate an audience, Creating an unforgettable and compelling experience. Eclectica's intention is to move people through mystic storytelling and awe-inspiring visual displays, opening their audience's hearts and minds to greater possibility and freedom. 

Eclectica's philosophy is rooted in the understanding that dance and expression hold potency as powerful healing modalities, their performances are created from strong intention to bring forth healing and ignite inspiration in their receivers. Offering transmissions that invite their audience into profound spaces of self-realisation, pleasure and inner connection. 

Eclectica's performances are expressed through dynamic visual displays, intricate choreography, compelling dance formations, embodied expression and storytelling.


Eclectica have been spreading their magic on a global scale, sending messages of love and transformation, through their compelling and innovative expression. 

Eclectica's Performance Services include

Choreographed dance pieces

Sacred entertainment - Ceremonial Prayer-formance/opening ceremony/closing ceremony 

Collaborations with DJ's and Headlining Artists

Roving Performances

Choreographed Stage Shows

Burlesque Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment

To book Eclectica for your event, please fill out the enquiry form below. 


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