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She is Risin

She isn't just rising she is risen,she has broken through the layers of dysfunction that had her imprisoned. She is woman who made a conscious choice to breath into herself, to honor and value her feminine wealth. she met with the spaces within herself that had been suppressed, rejected, neglected, She found strength in the deepest of inner pain, so much wisdom and growth gained from the spaces that once had her confined, bind, she had been blind to her infinite divine potential. She met these shadowed aspects honestly devoted to her own self proclaimed prophecy to heal and transmute all that no longer served her being, to connect to her true self and allow her essence to beam, to truly be seen,Expressing all aspects of her diverse in-depth nature, she was no longer a stranger to her truth. From the pain of her youth she emerged with great strength and self assured knowings, with the intention to continue growing deeper into her unique essence, deeper into self aware presenceShe became who she is inside, she broke through the conditioned ties of illusion mis-perception, connecting to her own idea of perfection. Perfection being the truth and rawness of her every moment expression.She left the unkind cycle behind that had her believing she was not enough in the unique-ity of her being. She became free. She danced with her newly found sovereigntyShe is strong in her will, and truthful with her word, compassion and acceptance radiate through her. she vibrates on a frequency of compassionate love for others, she is an honest guiding light for her community of sisters and brothers. maternal grace exuding form her inner space. She loves deeply, with acceptance of the pain that may come.She is not afraid of being hurt, because she knows her worth and her ability to rise tall through every fall with new insight to the depth of her soul. She realized any form of rejection is a simple redirection laced with a powerful lesson to guide her to a deeper truth.She rides the waves of expansion with trust and willing embrace, should she fall from grace or find herself in a stagnant place she knows she will always rise with stronger height, with broken wings she will still fly. She will continue to invite these inner challenges with intention to grow, dancing with all she has sewn.​Worthy is she to thrive in this journey that is her life.​She is Risen -

By Anna-Maria Flynn

#opinion #ecoliving #sustainability

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