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Sharing the Sisterhood Codes

look deeper than our external expression, feel the essence beneath it, the connectivity that thrives and breaths within our sisterhood.

Deep transformation power lays within the sacred circles of woman.

The masquerade is old paradyme, drop the charade, We must not hide from one another.

The walls are falling down and we are reclaiming our power.

This is new age sisterhood with ancient roots.

Transparency, Authenticity, Compassion and Acceptance pave this space.

The old programs of comparison, jealousy, dis-empowerment are fading to grey.

It time to show up for your sisters with truth and grace.

We are gateways to unlock one another's evolution and divine potential.

I see you sister, I feel your pain, I feel your strengths, because they are mine too.

What powerful reflections we are for one another,

We are keys to activate, encourage and accelerate.

we have opportunity to fan one another's flames, To hold one another accountable,

To receive without defense, to listen deeply and to be heard.

In this vibration of unity there is no room for separation, It need not exist.

We are one stream of consciousness separated into multiple human vessels to discover ourselves through each other.

We all have our own precious and unique gifts to share

and in sharing we support collective evolution.

The days of mine and yours are fading, we are one

One Heart, One breath

Lets breathe into harmony and co create a new reality within sisterhood.

A reality of woman who build each other up

who bask in one another's light

who hold space as shadows arrive

with an unconditionally loving vibe

that radiates through the feminines divine.

Its as simple as a smile that says I see you sister, I feel you and I love who you are

A lock of eyes that bears the truth of your hearts.

Its our turn to take control of the reins

It is our responsibility to step out of the victimized state

into compassionate liberation

We are with you.

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