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@eclecticaperformance rehearsals

@eclecticaperformance rehearsals - the last week I have danced and danced and danced, every day, every night, blood sweat and tears, can't stop, won't stop. We are the vessels of divine embodiment. We hear the call and we rise, in strength and vulnerability, in power and freedom, in space and support, in silence and laughter. These are my sisters of light and shadow. Full spectrum, all colours. I bow to you ✨ It is important to remember there is no destination with sisters dancing circles. The "prayerformance" is just one inkling of the work. Every second every breathe I spend getting to know another energy, I learn her. I anticipate her every move with a lust for life and an open heart ready to catch her fall. All these moments build, they build a dance of life. We are vessels. Harmonise, release and open to love, as we dance our way back to our own sweet hearts. What an honour - This is the first time in history women have been "allowed" to congregate and create such weaving without being totally ripped apart by the public and desire for control and ownership. Rise up, to your divine potential, to your own creation and the song of your sweet heart, shiva to Shakti 🌎 LOVE ~~~ 🙏🏽 & DAAAANCE 🎶💓

Shard anika

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