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We are women, gathered together, centred by each other, i have taken parts of you in me, inspired by the truest essence of the self. As I explore my innate form, it births into movement. As I explore and unfold the layers of feminine expression, I witness the unravelling of feminine expression through you, and together we journey, we remain curious, we grow through the intrigue and marry our desire to thrive within our bodies and interpret our story, to gift our story by moving it into the physical realm to be witnessed. Together we remember our innate purpose and share it with others without fear, shame or judgement. I have met the divine essence of woman in each of you, and now we rise together in sacred union and celebrate through each action of expression. We are committed to allowing this gift of embodiment to evolve, we share this sacred jewel of ancient storytelling through our dance for all that choses to receive. Blessings in this present moment. Blessings to our collective. Thank you for supporting me as I have supported you.

blog by Lahni Gordon.

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