semester two - COMMENCES Feb 2022 

​Eclectica school of wombCraft and sacred dance practices is an institution that is built on the foundations of self-love, sisterhood and the reclamation of our raw feminine power. Our pursuit is to fill the gaps in our social construct and create a safe container for women and wombbearers to return to their truest nature through modern-day rights of passage. 
We celebrate and support women and female identifying people on their path of self-realisation and feminine development. 

Eclectica school of wombcraft and sacred dance practices provides pathways of truth, authenticity and feminine celebration through practices that are rooted in ritual, embodied expression, dance and performance art. 
Our philosophy explores the healing power and transformative realms of these pathways through various initiations that support, nurture and hold women on their journey of feminine maturity and self-actualisation.
Our school is a gateway to freedom, remembrance and personal power.
It is a sacred container to support you to Return to your truest nature, Reclaim your inner gifts, and Ignite the fire in your soul - lighting the way on your path of purpose and meaning.

Modules covered

Ritual and Movement

Healing the sisterhood wounds

The Healing power of choreography

Movement Mantras

Movement Alchemy, Healing through dance

Menstruation Magic

The truth, depth and power of self love

Contact contemporary
The power of co-vision

Cultivating a relationship with plants

Primal embodiment 

Ancestral clearing

Healing the sisterhood wounds

exploring, understanding and embracing the shadow feminine

Intro to costume artistry

Costume embodiment

Ritual Theatre 

Pleasure through performance 

Ecstasy through Expression 

























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